About Ram Mechanical

The strength of our team derives from its diversity and depth of professional experience. We serve not only multiple industries, but different disciplines within those industries with consideration to the region and country in which they operate. Our goal is to deliver predictable products/services on an agreed schedule with the lowest possible risk to achieve the overall best value for the client.

Ram Mechanical leverages its expertise in the Millwright, Pipefitter and Sheet Metal trades in a fully staffed and equipped manufacturing facility located just off a major transportation artery in the California Central Valley. Our Engineering group draws from a design library of close to 30,000 entries, allowing us to deliver solutions to your challenges more quickly. Ram's Control Engineering staff is well versed in a variety of programming languages used in today's system controls and robotic applications. Our team has served over 1,100 domestic and international clients for over 25 years.

Today Ram Mechanical is reinventing itself to deliver an even higher level of products and services through a Lean based, rigorous Project Process that is customer centric and guided by best practices. We look forward to sharing our efforts with you and joining your team as your valued supplier of choice.

James Frias Glen Langstaff Neil Hodgson
CEO/President COO/Vice President Vice President