Ram Mechanical Alliances

Fanuc RoboticsFanuc Robotics

  • The leading supplier of industrial robots with locations around the world.
  • We have built a strong business alliance that dates back to the integrator agreement signed in the year 2000.
  • RMI and Fanuc have teamed up to install over 80 robot cells both domestically and abroad.

Columbia Machine

  • For over 50 years, Columbia has concentrated on serving the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, personal hygiene, building products, paper and chemical industries with palletizing solutions.
  • Today, Columbia’s client list includes many prestigious Fortune 200 companies who palletize everything from paper towels and laundry detergent to fruit juice, dog food and almonds.

Central Counties DHIA

  • The Dairy Herd Information Association located in Stanislaus County.
  • RMI developed, manufactured, and installed a robotic system to automatically handle test vials in the CCDHIA lab in 2005.
  • RMI and CCDHIA have collaborated to design, manufacture, and sell trays to aid the automatic handling of test vials (see our Products page).

Bottled Water Sales Reps

Steelhead steelhead

Water bottling solutions from design & fabrication to installation. New & pre-owned support equipment for your bottling systems including de-cappers, ...

through our 40 years in the industry, Steelhead has developed a significant level of experience in design, implementation and service of bottling lines and water treatment systems worldwide.
70 countries, hundreds of installations, dozens of bottling applications.  Everything from additive injection to full automation of 2,000+ bottle per hour bottling systems. 

Garrett Enterprises, San Jose, CA

  • Started by Craig Garrett in February of 2002.
  • Specializes in design and supply of all aspects of robotic bottled water lines, including molded plastic bottle racks.

Vegastar, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Started by Ustun Oyman.
  • Representing Ram’s bottled water equipment since 2006.
  • Potential for sales in other markets besides bottled water, with ties to many industries in Turkey and surrounding countries.

Green Source Automation Green Source Automation

Peacock Technology

  • Started by Dr. Andrew Peacock in 2008.
  • Exclusive agreement with Green Source Automation in production of new research and development projects.
  • Continues to consult in projects for Green Source Automation.

PMD Technology

  • Located in Germany it was founded in 2002.
  • Signed an exclusive agreement with Green Source Automation to provide 3-D sensor technology in 2008.
  • The 3-D sensor technology is a high performance image sensor for time of flight.

Charles Alhem Dairy

  • RMI began work with the Alhems in 2005, which started the process of automating the dairy industry.
  • Have partnered up with RMI in developing a completely automated Dairy industry.