Executive Summary

Our contracting division was our first endeavor and has been the anchor of our success over the years. With that said, we have always had the vision of a strong and diversified portfolio.

The desire for diversification was not merely focused on multiple industries, but also on multiple disciplines and territories. The net result of this strategy would minimize the inherent risk of a common myopic focus many companies get settled into. Though change is usually viewed as painful, it is also invigorating as the components of your vision begin to fall into place.

Our plan to execute this Strategy was focused on three areas: expanding our core competencies, identifying and producing unique technologies, and aligning with key partners that would enhance our capabilities to produce and distribute these new ideas. Our plan is well under way.

The founding company, Ram Mechanical, Inc. now has established divisions, from the contracting trades of Sheet Metal, Pipefitting, and Millwrights, to a fully staffed and equipped manufacturing facility. From an engineering group stocked with a current library of over 10,000 documents, to an electrical and controls division versed in all programming languages, including robotic manipulation. This core company continues to serve its original clients of over 22 years,
to an ever-expanding customer base of over 1100 companies.

Our desire to innovate cutting edge products was seeded with the exposure of multiple industries through our contracting clients. This gave us a unique opportunity to not only see how many things were done, but also to identify the gaps in industry needs. Though these needs are vast, our focus would only be on items that would differentiate, and keep us in front of, the masses.  You will see through this website that we have developed many items that fit in the category.

The final element of our strategy, enhancing and distributing our capabilities through key partnerships is well under way. True Integration LLP, Green Source Automation, Inc., Ram Mechanical Europe, and Hodgson Frias Enterprises, Inc. have all been formed with established companies or individuals. These partners have all been carefully selected to maximize a served industry, create an expanded territory and to increase expertise needed for sound growth.

As you can imagine, performing the tasks stated in these few paragraphs was a large undertaking. Though our vision is firmly established, it has taken much work to accomplish in just a few short years. Admittedly, not all of our decisions have been a step forward. Some have cost us both in time and capital. However, all have created a culture of discipline, a determination to fight through adversity until the winning combination to success is achieved.  You will see that our team is filled with long-standing individuals that are ready and willing to see an idea through to the end.

We are now experiencing the fruits of our labor. As we continue to expand into new and exciting areas, the foundation is now in place to maximize our full potential both domestically and internationally.

James A. Frias