At Ram Mechanical, Inc. safety is an extremely important part of what we are about.  Employees are constantly being trained and put through orientations which keep them up to date on the latest safety techniques. We have a great reputation for our safety and with the help from both Micheletti Insurance, who provide a safety consultant and trainer, and our workers compensation carrier Travelers, who provide a senior risk consultant, we make it a top priority when it comes to safety. Travelers insurance has provided online web site training and lab use, which we have taken full advantage of. Our IIPP safety policy is one in which we take great pride in.

Some important stats:

RMI takes safety very seriously and the steps and procedures we have in place make it a top priority. We pride ourselves with the recognition we have received in the field and with the low level of work related injuries. Our safety program makes RMI a top-notch place to work that provides a healthy and safe working environment.

Over the years our workers comp mod rate has been under 100. This is due to the great amount of time we put into making sure all our employees are trained properly.