Industry - Dairy


Our company began working in the Dairy industry in 2006 in an effort to automate the milking process. Our background in robotics and passion to innovate led us towards developing our first prototypes in 2008. In our brief time working within the industry we have gained a large amount of knowledge specific to the needs of our customers. Our initial product offering, marketed and offered by our partner Green Source Automation, is a revolutionary piece of equipment for the industry. We have taken the first step in automating the dairy milking process. Our experience in the development process gave us specific knowledge of the industry and through this knowledge we have found the need to design and manufacture additional operation enhancing products for the industry. These products include hose supports, leg spreaders, and foam dip.

Most recently, we have set up manufacturing and distribution agreements for the production and sale of an innovative dip and cleaning product to be used in the industry. We are very excited about the product, our alliance with Recon Inc., and how this product will revolutionize the industry.

The Dairy industry has been slowly consolidating with a continual movement towards fewer but much larger players in the industry. The industry is becoming increasingly more competitive and cost conscious. In 2001, there were 9.12 million dairy cows in the U.S. averaging 18,147 lbs of milk per cow for the year, the production of milk per cow continues to improve. The industry increasingly is becoming more efficient in their efforts and our solutions can assist Dairies in achieving these goals. Additionally, the most recent USDA statistics (2003) indicate that the gross income of milk producers in the U.S. was $21,246,952,000, with annual growth predicted at 3% per year for the industry. We chose to move into the Dairy industry not only because of the market potential but also because of our passion to innovate and exceed industry expectations.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and for this reason we are continually seeking additional improvements that will bring added value to our customers. We have found our niche in this market and now provide Dairies with the ability to reduce operational expenses and become more profitable. We are excited about the work we perform within the Dairy Inudstry and look forward to servicing our customers and providing them with exceptional value.