Electrical and Controls

Electrical Controls Services

RMI’s electrical and controls group consist of engineers and highly qualified technicians that work with passion and dedication. We approach every project to exceed the customer’s satisfaction. We seek perfection while looking for simple solutions to big challenges. We are eager to help our customers fix their problems or improve their production through automation and/or robotics. We have worked for years in high tech applications giving us an immense background and knowledge in automated solutions.

We deal with a large range of customers that include small companies to big corporations. We are proud of having them call us when they need our experience. Our main goal is to help them through a problem in an easy manner, with the right tools, in a short amount of time.

Over the years we have dealt with all type of automation products that have made our experience even more valuable. We have worked with the top worldwide Programmable Logic Controllers like, Allen-Bradley, GE FANUC, Siemens and Omron just to name a few. We have installed different brands of Variable Frequency Drives, servo-motors, vision systems, sensors, Human Machine Interfaces, encoders, transmitters, etc.

Our Services Include:

We design, select programs, start up, train and commission any electrical and controls project.