Robot Assisted Automation for the Rotary Milking Parlor

While rotary milking provides superior performance and efficiency compared with standard line parlors, the work is still labor intensive, repetitive and boring. With labor costs continuing to increase, and availability of trained, qualified labor being harder to find, the time was right for an alternative solution.

Green Source Automation has combined the performance and efficiency of a rotary milking parlor with the consistency and accuracy of a commercial robot. The RotaryMATE EXPD is the first in a family of robot assisted rotary milking automation solutions. Focused on the post dip labor position, the Rotary MATE identifies and follows individual cow teats in real time. The system applies the teat dip with consistent accuracy, while tracking individual cow teats on a moving rotary!

Each Rotary MATE system is designed to replace identified labor positions, focused on increasing parlor and production productivity. While each RotaryMATE increases performance and reliability, it also reduces cost and increases profitability of the overall operation.