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Fremont, CA

Job Description

Design, build, and install (2) state-of-the-art robotic cells and modify a fleet of (42) automated guided vehicles (AGV’s)

Project Summary

Project involved over 1,500 man hours of engineering and electrical design to
provide a complete system that integrat-ed into the existing production line. This included the supply of all control, vision and operator interfaces required. Along with stringent design requirements, we provided all the fabrication and installation services totaling approximately 1,800 man hours with another 1,000 hours for field programming, start up and training assistance.


– Design, fabricate, install, and program a first Fanuc M2000 robotic cell for picking all Tesla cars from an overhead conveyor line – Design a vision system to guide the M2000 (world’s largest robot) for picking and placing cars
– Convert a fleet of AGV’s to accept all of the Tesla car models
– Program the first M2000 robot to place cars onto the AGV’s. The AGV’s then travel along a production line where car parts are
added by Tesla associates
– Design, fabricate, install, and program a second Fanuc M2000 robotic cell for picking all Tesla cars from the fleet of AGV’s
– Program the second M2000 robot to place cars back onto the overhead conveyor line
– Design, fabricate, and install 1 safety enclosure for each robot cell
– Provide all documentation including structural and civil drawings for the robot cells, end of arm tooling, safety enclosures as
well as the steel and concrete bases for the robots
– Provide a complete risk assessment package to ensure personnel and product safety

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