Install Process and Mill Line Equipment

Install Process and Mill Line Equipment



Modesto, CA

Job Description

Design and build System Structures and install Process and Mill Line Equipment.

Project Summary

The project had over 1660 design and detailing man hours, 10,000 man hours used for fabrication and over 8,600 man hours for installation. This project utilized a number of facets in the portfolio of the capabilities offered by RAM. From original design and detailing performed by experienced engineers and draftsmen, to custom fabrication utilizing our craftsman’s years of experience, and finally to streamlined installation performed by a combination of trades to maximize efficiencies.


– Design, detail, build and install numerous stainless steel square tube sanitary structures for equipment access and support.
– Post installation of the system structure RAM installed cable-vey transportation systems, conveyors, fillers, packers, palletizers
and numerous other types of equipment for a complete bulk and case packaging line.
– Along with the process line, RAM installed an Almond mill line that included cable-vey transfer systems, mill, sorting and
testing equipment, as well as a complete packaging line.
– RAM provided the design, fabrication and installation of chutes and transfer points.

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