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There are two of the largest glass manufacturing plants in the country located in our local region. We offer continual maintenance as these facilities are put through rigorous production runs. Our in depth knowledge of the operations of these plants gives us the ability to forsee problems and resolve potential issues before they occur.

Of late we have demonstrated our ability in the industry and are looking forward to expanding throughout the United States.

Services performed: Equipment installation, Piping, Equipment, maintenance, EP system installation, and more.


We work for some of the largest General Contractors and Engineering firms in the nation with a goal of ensuring their performance. Our role is complimentary to their needs, with the mindset of exceeding our partner’s expectations daily.

Our ability to provide a flexible work force accompanied by experienced project managers and foremen ensures our customers have leadership representation on site with the understanding that our role is to provide a seamless experience  that maximizes our customers success.


Highly regulated environments require highly specialized service. From food production floors to manufacturing centers, every square foot of your space needs to be serviced with meticulous attention to detail.

RAM’s suite of services will help you improve efficiency and stay on top of industry regulations. We’re ready to meet the 24/7/365 demands of your facility, as well as stringent requirements for record keeping, documentation, and transparency.


California is home to some of the worlds greatest wineries. RAM has been fortunate enough to be a part of the growth within the industry.  Some of our largest projects have come within this industry whether it be new construction, modifications, or expansion projects.

Over the years we have developed a sound understanding of the wine making process and through new developments, expansions and modifications, we have been able to foresee issues, assist in the development process, and assist our customers as a unique guide to work with them in developing cost effective and efficient plans to meet their growing needs. Ram Mechanical provides comprehensive, cost-effective fabrication, installation, maintenance and repair services for the wine making industry.


The Central Valley of California is known for its agriculture and with the abundance of food processing organization in the region we have developed a staff of tradesmen who have been servicing the food and beverage industry for over thirty years. Their exceptional knowledge of the industry and the needs of our customers have forged a lasting relationship.

Our success in our local region has given us the ability to branch out into regions across the country to meet the needs that are specific to the industry. Whether it be custom fabrication, equipment installation, piping, or electrical controls work.


RAM Water has redefined the concept of high-speed flexible rack load and un-load systems and complete bottle water systems. We have over 25 years of experience and have developed expert working knowledge of the can and bottle industries.

If you wish to remain with the brand you may already have present in your factory, we will collaborate with you to make your requirements a reality. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

When you work with RAM you will see immediately how serious we are about quality and service.

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